6 essential tips to build a business network


6 essential tips to build a business network

Right connections are a lifeline to the business. It doesn’t matter if those connections are for potential business alliances, sales, marketing or supply chain management, making those connections is vital for the growth of the business. Entrepreneurs who are more social or are very easy to talk to, making connections is not so difficult for them. However, there are some well tried and tested steps or keys to successfully develop business network group and make it an important part to strengthen your business. Most businesses need to follow certain ways to build their networks. If you have just started your business, you must make sure you have a strong business networking as each of them will be useful in the long run. The following are the key essential tips for expanding your business network group.

Make a plan

Everything new starts with an innovative plan, even a good business starts with a good plan. Most of the times, people tend to neglect this area and do not give much importance to it. Your plan must answer the following questions which will help the business immensely. Questions like, “Who would I need to connect to become successful?”, “What groups, individuals or companies would benefit my business the most?”,

“Which skills will help me to grow as an entrepreneur?”, “How can I connect with various business network groups?”. Find these answers and prioritize your network activities accordingly, over a period. Follow the timeline regularly and be updated with them.

Put your efforts selectively

Time is the most crucial commodity to a business owner, who wants to make it big as soon as possible. Make sure you optimize your resources with time. Prioritize your long-term and short-term goals. Utilize your business network group strategically, because as the social media grows, so does spams and fake promotions. Check out the feeds and reviews on the internet before putting your efforts towards it. Use your mind to reach various targets and how much effort is required for the same.

Hostess principle

“Hostess principle” comes in when you’re in the event of a business network group. You’re prepared for your elevator speech and a pocketful of business cards with your name tag on the upper right-hand side of your suit or dress. Before interacting with anyone, take a quick look around the room and check out the people you want to meet. Hostess principle means to act as if you are the convener. After walking up to your desired table or group, shake hands with people and introduce yourself. It is necessary that you make everyone feel comfortable. This will not only make you more comfortable but will make others feel comfortable too, which will help them communicate freely. The same strategy can be used while making connections via phone, LinkedIn, email or any other mode of communication. Hostess principle means putting others, and their needs first and generously giving whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable. This will overall help you expand your business network.

Real connection

The key to getting into a successful business network group is not by collecting as many business cards as you can, but to make quality and lasting connections. It can only be done by being genuine and honest about things and your company. Even though nowadays social media makes connecting fast and easy, but it is still not sufficient enough for building a real relationship. It is a relationship with the people that matter to sustain the business for a long term. To develop that kind of personal relationship, one needs to focus on face-to-face communication, nurturing, understanding and time. Also, surround yourselves with people who are positive and passionate, they will uplift your morale and help you achieve your goals.

Be online and updated

Nowadays, it is easy to build contacts and connections via social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Updating your feeds makes the communication more realistic and practical. LinkedIn is one of the most famous sites for business professionals. It has become the sophisticated portal for business network groups. Using it often to update, share, congratulate and connect with various people will help expand your network. You can also follow businesses which offer the same service as yours. You can come to know about their business connections.

Help others to achieve success

Help others first and keep their needs first, to receive the same kind of help from them in future. This will entrench you in their good books and they will always remember you. Help them achieve by introducing them to potential clients, positive recommendations and sending some business their way and suggesting new ideas to them. This will make your help look sincere and will show how genuine you are. This is the most important key which will set you apart from others.

Get connected in the new age of networking!