The Top Affordable Smartphones in 2019


It’s hard to imagine a world without smartphones, as they have become an essential tool in our everyday lives. It’s easy to see how smartphones make so many simple things much easier. Calling a loved one, browsing social media, organizing your calendar, checking the weather, emailing on the go… these tasks are all easier than ever, thanks to smartphones. With a powerful smartphone in your hand, you can do anything!

Of course, that means you’ll want the best phone for your budget and needs. Take a look at the top 4 affordable smartphones in 2019, and why they’re the best of the best:

1. iPhone 11 Pro

Apple’s latest iPhone includes everything from a high-tech camera to a water-resistant body. This phone is built with shatter-resistant glass, face ID, and a HDR display. And with a battery that lasts longer than any of Apple’s previous iPhones, you’ll have hours of usage before it needs to be charged. Features include the following:

• Triple-lens camera

• Water resistant body

• Night Mode camera, for better low-light photos

• Fast WiFi and LTE

• 6.5‑inch OLED Multi‑Touch display.

• HDR display

• 64 GB, 256 GB, or 512 GB options

2. Samsung Galaxy 10e

Samsung’s Galaxy phones have always been a leading choice for Android lovers, and the 10e is an awesome new model. It offers a fantastic dual camera, as well as a high-quality front camera. The two storage options are great for those who want plenty of storage space, and the phone’s display is stunning. This is a good choice for those who are seeking a high-tech Android. Features include:

• 142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9 mm screen

• 10MP Selfie Camera

• Dual camera

• Optical Image Stabilization

• 8x digital zoom

• 6GB RAM with 128GB internal storage

• 8GB RAM with 256GB internal storage

3. OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro is another great choice for loyal Android users. With a great 48MP rear camera, a Gorilla Glass display, and plenty of storage options, this phone is definitely one to consider. Features include:

• Aluminium frame and Gorilla Glass on both sides

• 48 MP main camera

• Ultra wide angle lens

• 3x optical zoom

• 128GB or 256GB storage

• 6GB, 8GB, 12GB RAM

4. Google Pixel 4

Google’s Pixel phone series have gained massive attention for their strides in technology, and the Pixel 4 offers some fantastic high-tech features. It is the first to use Motion Sense, which is a gesture recognition system based on radar. The Pixel 4 is one of the first few phones to utilize dual rear-facing cameras in a square-shaped format. And with a build that includes Gorilla Glass, it’s definitely durable. Features include the following:

• Aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass 5

• Facial recognition

• OLED display and HDR support

• Dual rear facing cameras

• Uses Android 10 and Google Camera 7.1

Overall, these smartphones are some of the best smartphone options of 2019. Each of these phones have unique features that make them the best of the best, and are considered to be affordable choices. There’s nothing better than getting a new phone you’ll love, and these are sure to please.