5 Mattresses to Ease Your Back Pain

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Sleep is one of the most important functions for overall health and well being. That is why many people tend to suffer from disturbed and uncomfortable sleep when they are using the wrong mattress. There is a little bit of thought that needs to go into choosing and using the right mattress for you. From deteriorating springs to sunken middles to simply the wrong firmness; the proper mattress choice can make a world of difference in terms of getting the best sleep possible.

There are a wide variety of mattress options out there that include mattresses designated as being labeled either a plush mattress, a memory foam mattress, a soft mattress, a firm mattress or even a hybrid mattress. Selecting the right one for your sleep style and personal preference is the key to getting better rest each and every night:

1. Memory foam mattresses

Those who have aches and pains, possibly stemming from arthritis, back pain or overall joint pain tend to want a memory foam mattress as those types ease pressure on the body while sleeping, thus leading to less aches and pains upon waking.

2. Firm mattresses

A quality firm mattress can be highly beneficial to those who are either side or back sleepers as they provide comfort and stability while sleeping. This can give far better support compared to soft styles that allow the body to sink into the mattress.

3. Plush mattresses

Then there are those who simply want to sleep on a cloud of comfort and those are the ones who find that a plush mattress is the ideal option for them. This is because this particular style makes one feel as if they are sleeping, almost floating on a cloud of softness and air.

4. Hybrid mattresses

However, there are plenty out there who want the best of all worlds when it comes to their bed. This is where a hybrid mattress comes in to play. This style can alleviate pressure when lying down, provide support and even adjust to various sleeping styles all at the same time.

Regardless of what mattress is chosen, it is imperative that one take their time to research, test and even talk with well versed professionals so that the right one is chosen. A mattress is an investment and it is also an investment in one’s overall health, which is why it is a purchase that should be researched and well thought out so sleep can be a true dream.