Secure your expenses with small loans

Personal Finance

Personal loans are the epitome of banking and financial institutions irrespective of a bundle of other offerings. The game is all about good and bad credit score and interest rates that play the lead role in determining the loan per se. This whole gamble of paying back several credits or for that matter of personal usage begets to opt for personal loans and easy small loans. Moreover, for all those days of unplanned financial expenditures, small loans are the perfect tool to payback and budget. This type of loan is a great go for the ones who need it within a short span and at a competitive fixed rate with no hassle of presenting collateral as security.

Small loans are the simplest form of borrowing credit for personal purpose that negates any default making it more reliable. With flexible features, small loans are disbursed in one go with a fixed or a variable interest rate keeping it simpler and easily accessible. Moreover, in today’s economic slew of debts and payments, organisations are emerging as promising lenders with decent interest rates that one can afford. Living from paycheck to paycheck in the US is a common thing and so small loans are the best way to stay secure and financially sound.

So what makes small loans such a lucrative option in the US? With the economy booming to its zenith and consumers moving from production to consumption, personal loans are inevitable and will continue to gather momentum. Little does it add to savings; however, small loans are the impetus factor to meet short term requirements in terms of unplanned expenses or upcoming ones such as moving expenses, holidaying, buying furniture, and so on. Starting a small-time business needs capital, and there are several non-profit lenders in the US that offer small loans. These are known as micro lenders who offer loans up to $50,000; however, these comes with their own set of limited terms. Paying medical expenses is a huge deal in the US, and this is where small loans does its job. Small loans are a revolution in the US to make one’s expenses in order for the time being.

Since it’s a smaller amount, all banks including small to big and credit unions offer without much pre-requirements at a preferably fixed interest rate. The volcano of small loans is quite a deal in the US for the financial flexibility and flexible terms that banks offer. Additionally, one can borrow small loans from online lenders which are equally convenient in terms of applying and using. Regardless of where you borrow from, a secured loan is highly recommended in the US to negate any conflict on personal assets and interest rates. Small loans are a jackpot for certain, but the cardinal rule should be to manage expenses wisely and maintain orderly savings. With all said and done, getting a small loan in the US drills down to one’s credit payment history. And this is where one has to wisely choose the right lender to avoid any financial crisis. Essentially this is also a last resort for Americans who can’t pay their debt or are unable to pay the minimum amount.

Listed below are some of the financial institutions that offer small loans that one may choose from:
Lending club: This major peer-to-peer lender firm offers loans up to $40,000.
Wells Fargo: Offers competitive rates with a huge branch network.
Prosper: Provides multiple repayment term with lenient criteria.
New Credit America: Offers discounted loans at a fixed rate and term.
LoanMe: Provides small loans within a few hours.
Cashcall: Offers small loans online in a more streamlined fashion.
NetCredit: This has a reliable transparent process

AmOne: Offers instant access to small loans.

First Franklin Financial: Provides short-term small loans.

Grameen America: Specifically addresses to the women section.

LIFTFUND: Offers microloans to small time entrepreneurs.

America’s Christian Credit Union: Offers loan for big and small expenses.

Citizens Bank: Offers loan up to $50,000.

Upgrade: Loan starts from $1000 to $50,000.

Freedomplus: Offers up to $35,000.

Fundation: Offers small capital loans between $20,000 to $50,000.


All the above-mentioned names is good to go yet one needs to understand the five C’s before applying for small loans. Credit history, Capacity to repay back the amount with interest, Collateral in case of secured loans, Capital including assets and investments as a backup for payment, and Conditions to tailor the loan per the consumer requirements are the five C’s that both the lender and borrower need to understand before going ahead.

Approximately, 34% people take personal loans by borrowing in the US which is a big number in itself. However, this all contributes to the overall economic growth with interest revenue and improved financial capacity eventually promoting consumerism and capitalism. In a nutshell, small loans are good to go as long as it is widely used by paying monthly instalments on time.