7 useful things an MBA recruiter wants you to know

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7 useful things an MBA recruiter wants you to know

MBA seems to be the most coveted higher studies degree out there and an automatic choice for many fresh graduates irrespective of their stream or specialisation. All business degree schools accept applicants to their MBA course. Only a good grade point from a top business degree school will not do the trick. MBA graduates and management job aspirants need to keep in mind a whole lot of other things to get a good return on investment for their degree.

Here are 7 things that MBA recruiters want you to keep in mind.

  • Presentation matters: It is not just about looks, but your overall presentation when you approach the interview panel. A person with an informal and casual look will trigger disapproval; a well-groomed candidate with proper attire and decorum will score quite high. Recruiters expect you to dress according to the stature and status of the company you are interviewing for. So, check in advance if there is any dress code for the interview; if not, keep it subtle and sophisticated nevertheless.
  • The handshake is your first impression: This one rule never gets old—get your handshake right. It is probably the first physical interaction and communication between you and your potential employer, so you absolutely cannot go wrong there. Too sweaty, too weak, too nervous—and they might already lose interest in your further talents and capabilities. Make it confident, strong and firm—one that tells your recruiters that you are well aware of the current situation.
  • Punctuality is pivotal: Punctuality is something no one will ever mention or ask for specifically, yet you must always take it for granted that it is very crucial in all your professional aspects—sometimes even in personal aspects. Answering to emails on time, returning calls of your possible recruiter on time, submission of assignments within the allotted deadline, these show your professionalism to the hiring companies that come to your business degree schools.
  • Passion, not ambition: Campus recruitments are a common module at business degree schools. You have to choose from a list of companies and on the day of recruitment, only those companies will interview you. Your recruiters want you to showcase a passion for work, but not in a too-ambitious way. Being too indifferent and formal about the said job might send off a vibe that you do not really care about what the job offers, as long as it pays.
  • Homework is appreciated: Homework is something that simply does not tend to leave us alone. Recruiters want you to know that they expect you to look up their company objectives, short and long-term goals, strategies and market scenario. Also, knowledge about the position you’ve applied for will be appreciated. They can ask you questions about the company to know how well acquainted you are with the establishment you’ve applied for.
  • Your experiences matter more than your numbers: Getting good grades is certainly a big plus-point to begin with, but it is certainly not everything you need to be hired for the job. If you spent your two years in the business degree school in collecting notes, studying and taking tests, then you can be rest assured that your chances of getting a job is slim. Recruiters give a high priority to your previous professional experiences and extracurricular participation than anything else. Presentations, seminars, business conferences, summer placements, part-time internships—there are many ways to hone your soft skills for a better looking resume..
  • Honesty is not overrated: Honesty still counts as a major factor in recruitment. If you have lied in your resume or are making up things about your previous achievements or experiences, any recruiter even with a little bit of an experience will be able to unravel your lie. They also tend to look up candidate’s social media because that is apparently the most spontaneous source of a person’s character traits nowadays and rightfully so. So get your act clean and make sure the information you have provided is true and authentic.

A premium business degree school will give you a lucrative degree, but if you lack the criteria mentioned above, you might not be successful in impressing your potential recruiter as much as you would have liked. Make it a point to enhance your resume and get involved in various activities that will enrich your experience.