Why your Online Business Needs a ERP System

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There’s those of us who like accounting and those of us who don’t. Many business owners into the former category, stressing at the end of every month to reconcile financials while pulling out handfuls of hair. If you have difficulty with numbers, maintaining correct inventory, sales volume, and customer satisfaction can be tricky.

This is why your business needs enterprise resource planning software, or more commonly, an ERP system:

1. Puts your business info at your fingertips
ERP solutions essentially streamline business operations. They take all of your company’s key performance metrics (i.e., orders to date), financial spreadsheets, inventory, and order status and provide a holistic view in real time.

2. Boost sales AND customer service
Many online businesses suffer with inventory management, meaning knowing how much product is on hand and where it exists. This matters in many ways, especially if a customer is after a popular product and can’t find it. However, ERP software can track how much of the product is in stock, as well as shipping status, payment status, and any service issues. And every employee will have this up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips when facing customers.

3. Makes accounting quick and easy
If your accounting department is in shambles, linex ERP software is about to be your best investment. For companies who are behind the times, still working with paper-based invoices and sales orders, the manual entry of these figures can be taking up valuable time, not to mention that it’s extremely prone to human error. ERP software can consolidate all of your company’s financial reporting, across all financial systems (i.e., accounting, sales, shipping, marketing) in an instant in one homogenous database.

4. Simplify and streamline process
If your sales staff use paper invoices, what does your shipping department, customer service division use to track sales? If the answer is spreadsheets, or data entry software, your company has an issue when it comes to tracking and processing information in a streamlined manner. However, ERP software offers accounting staff use one system for receivables and payables, shipping and receiving, and every other process across your company so that your business only has to rely on a single database tool.