Need of transformational leadership in change management

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Need for transformational leadership in change management

In any business, leaders are the ones who are responsible for shaping the company. A company is nothing without its people, and they are guided by their leaders. Leaders are usually in the form of bosses and managers and even team leads. The CEO is the ultimate leader of any company, and his views are incorporated by the lower level and subordinate management level. Having a great quality of leadership will shape the company in a good way, resulting in success.

Businesses have been seeing leaderships and different types of leaderships influencing the business in different ways. Transformational leadership is a new term given to leadership where the leader leads the team to turn their vision into reality. Transformational leadership is also one of the most effective approaches which help in achieving organizational goals.

Transformational leadership enables change

People might get confused between transformational leadership and change management, but both are two different things. One way to understand this is that transformational leadership facilitates change management. Change is important to a company, and transformational leadership helps companies implement the change that will transform the company.

As mentioned above, transformational leadership supports change and brings only the positive change. A transformational leader plays a critical role when there is change to be included in the functions of the company. They are good in change management. Transformational leaders have to bring the change for the better with lots of positivity. Most people are skeptical of change and don’t accept it with open hands and minds. Some people revolt against change when they feel it is being imposed on them for all the wrong reasons. When the leader of the team or company takes the transformational approach, he makes the entire team understand the importance of that change so that they work in tandem with the change. There is transparency when they introduce change. The leaders have to answer questions like is there a need for change and what the company, the employees and the consumers gain from the change with utmost clarity.

Transformational leadership is more friendly than other types of leadership and yet goal oriented. There has to be great authenticity, noble vision and a peaceful mindset in every transformational leader. A true transformational leader can make everybody in the company believe in the vision and goal of the company.

Importance of transformational leadership in an organization

If you have good leaders in your company or business, you can implement the transformational leadership theory to make your existing leaders more effective. When the theory is implemented the right way, there will be great employees, and great results as those leaders actually transform the business and inspire employees.

Leadership is omnipresent in a company and can lead the company to success or stagnation. It is important to realize when your company is moving more towards stagnation and less towards growth. A leader should also focus on its employees and their perceptions.

A company cannot aim at transforming without good transformational leadership practice. Many companies fail to have a good change management. This is not because transformational leadership is not effective, it is because the company did not have leaders with good transformational leadership qualities.

Transformational leadership helps people welcome change

Change is inevitable and disruptive. while there will be some who will embrace the change and some may revolt against the same. When transformational leadership approach is taken, a roadmap is made, and employees can understand the importance of change once they see a clear and wider picture.

There is always going to be hesitation when people are made to come out of their comfort zones. No one wants to come out of the comfort zone without a guarantee that there will be a success. Though success is subjective, making people come out of the comfort zone is important. Transformational leadership plays an important role in making people believe in that change and success that will follow along with a backup plan.

Any company can manage change and implement new things in their daily functioning by implementing transformational leadership. Change has its own vision that is in line with the company’s main vision. Transformational leaders are good in transmitting that vision of change to employees so that the common objective can be understood and achieved.

Change management alone is not sufficient in today’s time. A company or a business might have the best change agents, but unless there is a leader with great transformational leadership qualities, the goal cannot be successfully achieved. Hence companies and businesses that focus on bringing change to the company’s functioning must do it with a transformational and positive approach.